A FATE campaign setting of Villainous henchmen in a Hero thwarts Doomsday device world.


In a world where caped demi-gods stop the diabolical schemes of madmen and monsters and suave spies blow up impregnable lairs with impunity.  You are the lowest cog in the machinery of evil. Whether your wear a jumpsuit or business suit, it’s you at the sharp end, getting beat up by vigilantes,  carrying your your bosses dangerous schemes and trying to climb the slippery, deathtrap strewn promotion ladder of your evil organisation.

Will you survive? Will your rise the ranks and make those who opposed you rue the day? Or will you fail your masters for the last time and be cast in the elaborate mincing and incineration valves that lead to the ash heap of history?

If you want to find out: Play Henchmen.


  • Rules for creating evil organisations to hench for, and the many perks and drawbacks that come from working for them.
  • New Stunts
  • Adventures ideas and campaign suggestions, including advice on running a ‘villain’s journey’ campaign, that will take the PCs from lowly henchmen to true villains in their own right.

This game is Powered by Fate and requires the Fate rules to play.

Watch out for the Henchmen Kickstarter Late summer 2017