Why do some of your games not have clear release dates?

We have several projects in various stages of development; most of these are just ticking over while we focus on getting one or two projects to completion and out of the door. As projects move to the top of the pile and closer to completion actual dates for Kickstarter or releases will materialise. We don’t want to get in the habit of committing to a schedule and not keeping it.

Are you just going to do Fate RPGs?

Answer: No, we intend to work in other systems and to develop mechanics for our on products. We firmly believe in matching systems to stories and not the other way round. We also intend to do board and card games.

Are you hiring?.

We are not taking additional staff into the Studio at the moment or, barring wild and unexpected success, for the foreseeable future. We may, however, need freelance writer and artists on a project by project basis.