Canterbury Games Studio is the dream of three nerds to avoid the harsh realities of life, by diving into the harsh realities of the Indie game business.  It aims to deliver intriguing and interesting board games, card games and tabletop RPG.

The Directors

Tom – Maths guy, number cruncher and board and card game geek.  If left alone he will start compiling tables of outcome probabilities for games.  In an effort to harness this force for good he now is developing game mechanics and materials.

Jan –  Barefooted Kilt wearing game guru.  Has the mysterious ability to have a polite conversation with anyone.  Now directing communications and art commissioning as well as developing games.

Joe –  Has an unfortunate tendency for Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness due to a maladaptive addiction to polysyllabic pronunciation routed in a fundamental and disproportionate obsession with the harmonious and diverse forms of expression contained within the English language.  Relies on other directors to pummel him with blunt objects till his language is legible.  Writes games because it means he gets to play with words..