We Aim to Deliver intriguing and interesting board games, card games and tabletop RPGs.



Canterbury Games Studio is the dream of three nerds to avoid the harsh realities of life, by diving into the harsh realities of the Indie game business.


The spiritual and occasionaly geographical home of our company is historic Canterbury, England, a place where we spent too much time playing games.


We have years of gaming experience and the creative impulse. We aim to produce RPGs of different genres and board games of varying designs, our first project is Henchmen a Fate world about the life of the lowest rung on the evil ladder.

Games and Products

under development

Henchmen – A Fate World RPG

Kickstarting NOW!

You are the lowest cog in the machinery of evil. Whether you wear a jumpsuit or business suit, it’s you at the sharp….
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Closest to the Throne….

The Prince is dead, can you manoeuvre your favoured puppet to succeed him? – A card game of intrigue and treachery….
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La Cyberissima – A Fate world….

Post apocalyptic, Neo-Renaissance, cyberpunk Venice. Venice – jewel of the Mediterranean, queen of an….
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Grumpy Dwarves – A Board game

The Dwarves of the city are famed for there mining, there wealth and the fact they don’t get on. Now an army….
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Post Singularity Vampire….

The unexpected Great Event heralded the transition of humanity to a post human post physical god-mind that has set….
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There are a number of other card games, board games and RPGs under development. Including ones using our own system,….
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Henchmen is the first RPG product from Canterbury Games Studio.

Setting Material

Henchmen gives, examples Evil Organisations, a city for them to fight over and heroes to make the PCs lives…interesting. It also provides tools and advice for creating your own Organisations for PCs to work for, cities for them to menace and Heros to thwart them.


Henchmen Specific Stunts, rules for Evil Organisation, including Perks, the unique benefits that come with having a diabolical mastermind as players. As well as rules and guidance for the various ‘improvements’ organisations might choose to ‘gift’ their employees.


Notes and advice on the ‘Villians Journey’ the path of milestones that can lead a mewling Henchmen to the heights of villainy.

Henchmen  Kickstarting NOW

Our first Fate world book Henchmen will be on kickstarter in late summer of 2017. Colour PDFs and hard copies will be available as pledge levels. As will an opportunity to add your own Henchmen or Evil organisation to the game.

Our Stretch goals

  • More full-colour art
  • More Stunts
  • More Evil Organisations
  • More Perks